Caitlin Callahan

With a background in art history and textile conservation, I have always been impressed how beautiful design transcends time.

I fell in love with hospitality because it’s equal parts design and implementation, so it taps on my right brain "good eye" and my left brain project management talents. I have loved collaborating with creative minds on projects of every scale and standing, from one-off boutiques to full brand standard rollouts. And I’ve spent 25+ years conspiring with great design and manufacturing minds to create and deliver great hotel spaces.

I am happiest at sea level, which is perhaps a nod to all the time I have spent on Cape Cod, or in my own kitchen working on my next culinary concoction, which is a nod to how much I like to eat and entertain. While I love the city life, in my Chicago Pie in the Sky work space, my favorite place is home, in Milton, with my own husband, in my own bed.