Inspired Design that Performs

At first glance, one might think that concepting a hotel guestroom is just like designing a residential bedroom. However, hotel guestrooms must meet the unique demands of travelers, meet the brand’s target demographic profile and aesthetic vibe, as well as fit within a hotel’s budget—and be resilient to continued wear and tear. We love putting all the pieces of this puzzle together, and it’s why we represent manufacturers who know how to produce beautiful, elegant and inspired product while never forgetting that performance is key.


The companies we work with all have one thing in common: They are solid, long-term players in the industry with a proven history of quality, performance, and integrity.

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Cut from the same fabric

With a background in textile conservation and art history, hospitality easily drew us in, because beautiful design transcends time.

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The best part of our job is working with fun, creative people and having them start as clients and transform into friends.

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